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Dzajic-Commerce d.o.o. nurtures long-term business relationships with many multinational corporations by ensuring the availability of brands from their range to as many customers and consumers in our market as possible. The largest part of the product range of Džajić-Commerce d.o.o. comes from imports and consists of reputable manufacturers / suppliers and their brands.

About us

Džajic Commerce

The company Džajić-Commerce d.o.o. was founded in 1994 with its headquarters in Ljubuški. The main activity of the company is the import, distribution, and sale of consumer goods of world-famous brands.

Constantly listening to consumers and following world trends, we introduce innovations in our business and relationship with consumers. In our work, we always strive to strike a balance between economic growth, social progress, and care for the environment.

In order to distribute products faster and more efficiently, branches were opened in Sarajevo, Tuzla, and Banja Luka. With an assortment of over 600 different products and an efficient commercial service, a large sales network has been created that covers the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The core values of the company are entrepreneurship, ambition, innovation, professionalism, and teamwork.

ISO and HACCP Certificates

In November 2013, the implementation of the quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008 and food safety according to the HACCP Codex Alimentarius standard was successfully completed.

By applying HACCP Codex Alimentarius standards, we ensure the health safety of the products we place on the market so that customers get a safe and quality product.


Brand partners


Brand partners

Our Mission and Vision


Satisfied customer has always been the main mission of our business. Our goal is to offer customers a quality range of selected products that will gain their trust and provide them with lasting satisfaction of buying quality and healthy products. Proof of our success are the results achieved in the past, which are an incentive for us to further progress and expand our business.


To be the leading and the best regional distributor of food products in which customers will be able to meet their needs to procure the highest quality goods on the most favorable terms, while achieving benefits for founders, employees, suppliers and the entire community. We want to create a stable company based on development, teamwork, high responsibility and full commitment to our customers.



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