Why choose Hamánek?

The diet of children and adults should be based on diversity, nutritional balance and especially high quality ingredients for food preparation. Therefore, we all strive to prepare meals using proven ingredients, the quality of which we can be sure. Unlike adults, young children are much more sensitive to bad ingredients in food. Today, when it is especially difficult to find quality fruits and vegetables from controlled cultivation, we choose safely.

HAMÉ s.r.o. is one of the leading food producers in the Czech Republic with a tradition dating back to 1922. In their business of almost a hundred years, they have developed various brands that successfully represent the high quality of Hamé production. One of the top brands from the Hamé workshop is Hamánek baby food.

Hamánek offers a safe, quality, healthy and above all delicious meal for your little ones:

  • fruits and vegetables of controlled origin and quality
  • balanced composition of natural ingredients
  • free of artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners
  • no preservatives
  • gluten free

Hamánek baby food is produced in the EU under the approval of the Institute for Food Analysis (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague), which proves the controlled origin of the ingredients and the correctness of the production of baby food.

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